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Frank Dempsey,  WSCL CFIk

  Visualize yourself doing this. Just imagine!

We have everything in Albuquerque
Nearby hotels and RV camping
SLSA training trikes,  single (Part 103 ) and dual seat Sport pilot training, Cat/Class conversions
 Introductory training rides, flight reviews, proficiency checks, Class BCD  endorsements
Ground school, Spin dive recovery and manuevers training, Sport Pilot Licenses, Sport Pilot Instructor training,
Engine diagosis/repair, wing inspections/tuning, LSA annuals, Carb tuning/sync, New/used Equipment
Services and fee schedules PDF

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The Training Trike - Apollo Delta Jet Video,

Services and fee schedules PDF

Bi-annual Flight reviews and Airspace Endorsements -  video

Driving directions to Double Eagle II airport Link

Mitch Caldwell                                                                                                                              Damien Beresford

Flight training in the Red Devil - Apollo Delta Jet

Give a special gift of flight to someone you love
Learn to fly a hang glider before you hit the training hill
Enjoy an hour of a relaxing open cockpit  flight lesson
Go beyond your dreams and learn to fly
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Trikes in the News

KOB 4 - The 88 year old story
Albuquerque Sports magazine
"The Santa Fe Reporter"  PDF
" Mountain Mail" PDF
"Ultralight Magazine"  PDF

Why fly Trikes -  The Right Stuff Video
Some Books to Read PDF

Extreme video and photography

Flying the high country of New Mexico in a weight shift trike

New Mexico Super Moon Trike Flight
Rio Grande River Cruise Video
VideoRio Puerco badlands flights Video
355 mile non-stop  Tri-State Cross Country Excursion Video

Damien Beresford  and Jeff Gilkey setting up the video

Located in Albuquerque, NM 
at the Double Eagle II Airport

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Frank Dempsey, WSCL CFI/Sport Pilot DPE
Services and fee schedules PDF

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New Mexico Trikes Link

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Frank Dempse
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Driving directions to Double Eagle II airport Link
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