The Aeros Nano Trike "ANT"
Transports in a compact car

Video - a close look at the ANT Trike

German DULV Certificatied

45 Minutes Flying Time on a single charge

Aeros writes "We are working on the first ANT with electric motor. It is planned that
electric ANT will be introduced during the AERO exhibition in
Friedrichshafen in April, 2017. By that time we suppose to finish the
development and perform all necessary tests."

ANT ElectricVideos - Pricing coming soon


An Example - $16,138
- ANT Trike, Large 36HP Polini Thor 250 LC engine, 3-Blade propeller, FOX 13 TL Topless wing, Comelli BRS Rescue System, Electric Start, Front Brake, Hand Throttle, Pilon Fairing, Transportation bags for everything, Large wheel upgrade with splashers, Engine instruments and controls complete and ready to fly, Includes shipping to USA.

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SET UP Proceedure

Here's the two trike bags

Stores into a compact car

Specifications of the trike

Comelli BRS Handle, Front of Seat, Control console on left

Wings for the ANT
Fox 13 TL
Fox T 16
Discus T 15
Combat T 12.8

Storage bag below seat   Folding undercarriage for soaring

Introduced at Sun N Fun 2016

Setting up the Discus

Polini Thor 250 LS 2-stroke 36 HP with Rescue system

ANT Manual

JPS Corsair M25Y 2-stroke 25 HP - Wheel Spats

Aeros Nano Trike
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