Comelli Rescue Systems

Single Seat-103 500 lb size - $1410
Lite Dual Seat ELSA 750 lb size - $2109
Dual Seat Sport Plane 1045 lb size - $2458
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A close look at a Trike Installation

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Video - Deployment
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Comelli Cylindricone Graphite KOB Rescue Sytsem on Part 103 Trike

Comelli Cylindricone MID Rescue System on Fixed Wing Ultralight

This is the MID Rescue System with PVC Cylinder ($1651)      This is the KOB with Graphite Cylinder ($1886)


Typical Installation using provided fixing clamps
Owner must adapt to fixing clamps

Typical Installation (left) Using Supplied mounting Hardware (Right)
Owner must provide
1- Desired Length of Activation Cable
2 - 90 degree handle or straight
3 - Parachute Bridal Length

Aeros Wings Website

Aeros 103 Nano Trike (ANT-103) Website - $12,868

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