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Strongest, safest and now least expensive of all wings due to low Euro. Flight tested, fits nearlyall LSA and experimental trikes, custom sail designs available, many options/accessories, 6-8 week delivery, customer testimonials, wing comparison advice. Come to Albuquerque and I'll show you mine.

NEW - Check out the Topless Still 17M Single Surface wing for $4950 Euros.
And compare this to the Northwing Mustang III at $7150.
6-8 week deliveries

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Sting Ray Topless 12 M
40-106 mph (cruise 73 mph)
High Performance $6595 Euros

Double Surface PROFI TL Topless 14.5 M
40-91 mph (65 mph)
Profi  wings -14.5 high perf-   $5880 Euros

Double Surface PROFI KP - 14.5 M
40-81 mph (60 mph)
Profi wings -14.5 high perf-  $4630 Euros

Factory Electric Trim for both Profi wings

Single Surface STILL - 17.4 M
35-60 mph (48 mph)
Still-17 single surface - $4200 Euros
Topless version - $4995 Euros

Double Surface STRANGER 2 - 14.8 M
Stranger intermediate- $4450 Euros

Double Surface STREAM - 16.2 M
40-68 mph (52 mph)
Stream-16 intermediate- $4550 Euros

Aeros Winter Triker Bar Mits and Swivel Map Boards
($59 Euros)

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Frank Dempsey, WSCL Sport Pilot CFI and Examiner
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