2007 DTA Voyager 912 FC Combo
This is a very high quality trike
$30,000 OBO
Located in hanger in Holbrook, Arizona
Ready to fly

Current registration, airworthiness, Op limitations
Current annual inspection
Rotax 912 with 585 hours
Fully faired engine compartment
18 Gallon fuel tank
Roomy side and lower saddle bags
  Galaxy Rescue System (GRS), Ballistic 1050
Radio with Lynx helmet/headset
Front seat has 3 adjustments for leg room

North Wing GT5 13.5M with 300 hours
Vortex generators installed on wing
Wing tip mounted NAV Strobe/position lights
Trim speed 65 mph, VNE 85mph
Always Hangered

Rotax 912 with 585 TT
3-blade prop with spinner
Fire Sleaved fuel lines
Carb heat
Water separation gas filter

Top section; Compass, transponder, radio, and VSI. 

Middle row; Altimeter,
MGL engine monitor, air speed indicator.

Lower section;  Gas gauge,
ignition, master, aux. electric fuel pump, nav lights, nav strobe, extra strobes, inoperative speed trim switch, parachute handle, seat heat switch, choke and headset connection.    

 Dolly for loading entire trike  in trailer without removing wing

Reason for selling - Purchasing a New Evolution REVOLT Trike

Check out some videos of this trike

Trike is Located in Holbrook, Arizona
Call Frank Dempsey - 505-269-5075
Email - ulwing@newmexicotrikes.com